What Shoes Should I Wear with a Sexy Club Dress?

What Shoes Should I Wear with a Sexy Club Dress?

It’s a question that ranks up there with the biggest decisions of your life. Okay, not really, but picking out the right shoes to wear with your sexiest little club dress can certainly seem important. You’ve got the perfect sexy clubwear dress – it’s sexy, sassy and perfect for a night out at the club. But you’d really rather have people thinking, “Dang, she looks HOT!” than “I wonder where she got that dress,” am I right? That’s where the right footwear comes in. The right accessories – especially the perfect pair of sexy shoes – transform sexy club dresses into unforgettable diva outfits. Read this article to find out how the right boots or shoes can totally transform your club clothing look.

Boots with a Mini Dress

When it comes to boots women have a love-hate affair with them. They love the look – but worry about whether they’re appropriate. Here’s the deal. You can definitely wear boots with a mini without looking trashy – if you follow a few rules.

Pick thigh-high boots for women if they’re high enough to completely cover your legs – no skin showing between skirt and boot-top.

Wear rugged boots – like motorcycle boots for women – with a tartan mini skirt to dress your skirt down and give you a more casual look.

Pick high-heeled booties with fishnet stockings or patterned knee socks with a flirty little plaid mini skirt to camp it up and go for the sexy costumed clubwear look.

High Heel Shoes for Full-On Sexy

If you’re looking for something that will really draw attention to your legs, nothing does it better than a pair of sky-high high heel shoes. Platform heels and wedges can give you additional height – and serious sizzle – without making you feel like you’re teetering precariously and ready to fall with each step you take. If you’re going for a drop-dead sexy look – and you have the personality to carry it off – pair up a silky little shift club dress with a pair of gladiator booties with platform heels and straps that wrap to the thigh. If you’re more conventional, pick a sexy, strappy sandal with an audacious platform in bright purple or cheetah stripes. Be playful, dramatic or daring – when you find the right cute shoes, you can totally pull off a great look.


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