How to pick the perfect dress to fit your shape...

How to pick the perfect dress to fit your shape...

How to pick the perfect dress to fit your shape


Finding a dress that fits and flatters your shape can sometimes feel like a full-time job, with trends changing so fast it’s hard to know what’s in or out. Just when you find a dress you love wear it once, it seems to go out of style.

And with over 80% of advertising campaigns using sample size models it can be disheartening even looking for clothing these days. So how do we make the process of finding ourselves that perfect dress easier?

KNOW YOUR SHAPE! The five most common body shapes for woman are pear, rectangle, hourglass, round/apple, and inverted triangle. Now not everyone fits into these categories, but we can border one or overlap a two. So, identifying your own body shape is the key to understanding how to dress for you. If you’re unsure check out quick defining features for each shape and the top tips to flaunt and flatter your bod in the perfect dress.


Body Shapes

Pear - larger hips that are wider than your bust, slender arms and shoulders with weight distributed more to the bottom half.

Rectangle – when your waist is not practically over defined, your body weight seems evenly distributed throughout. You may also call it straight up and down or say this body shape is more boyish.

Hourglass – hips and bust measurement nearly equal with a smaller pulled in waist.

Round – fuller around the bust, stomach area and back. With slender legs and a flatter bottom.

Inverted triangle – typically broader shoulders and bust with much narrower hips and slender legs.


Ok any of this sounding familiar? If so, the here are my go-to rules on the dress styles and shapes to suit your body. Remember though no matter what shape you are embrace your body and love your body, confidence is the best thing you can wear an it looks and feels far more amazing than self-doubt. Your beautiful no matter what shape you are, you got this girl!


Top Tips

Pear shaped need to add width or definition to your shoulders balancing out your shape and match your hips. 

  • Puff sleeves
  • Embellished neckline
  • Bateau neckline
  • Drape a pashmina over the shoulders
  • Two tone dress, lighter on top and darker on bottom



Rectangle shaped add definition to the waist by pulling it in to create the illusion of curves.

  • Wrap or tie waist dresses
  • Belted dresses or add a belt in
  • Elasticated waist
  • Skater style
  • Avoid drop waist


Hourglass shaped then work them curves! Exaggerate them!

  • V neck dresses
  • Wrap dresses
  • Add a belt
  • Avoid baggy clothes that hide your waist
  • Ensure your bra fit is perfect
  • Avoid no support bras under a dress, they may be comfy but saggy boobs with draw attention away from your curves and small waist


Round shaped avoid drawing attention to your tummy.

  • Dresses with vertical lines or patterns with give a slimmer middle
  • Flare dresses but must fit well not swap you in other areas
  • Full or ¾ sleeve
  • Try dresses that hit below the knee
  • Avoid peplum, bodycon, high necks and dress with midriff cut outs


Inverted triangle shapes its all about adding definition and shape to the bottom half and softening the top half.

  • Open necklines
  • Scoop necklines
  • V necklines
  • A line
  • Full skirt
  • Horizontal stripes to the bottom of dress and darker to the top
  • Avoid shoulder pads
  • Avid frills to the top half especially shoulder area of the dress


Final tip for thought

Whatever your shape I find when am shopping for the perfect dress wearing the right underwear and having my hair in the style, I would wear it for an occasion can help give you a better picture of the finished look.






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