Heels with joggers, YAY or NAY?

Heels with joggers, YAY or NAY?

Heels with joggers, YAY or NAY?


So, this fashion trend has been around for a while and looking like it’s here to stay, but how do we really feel about it?

With brands such as Yeezy and Zara leading the way in how to pull this trend off effortlessly it’s no wonder our insta feeds are flooded with images of bloggers and influencers teaming super casual bottoms and heels.

If your name has Kardashian in it then this is defiantly the go to look for you! But for the rest of us the thought of wearing our day off joggers for a night out may be a bit too much.

Personally, am loving it! A trend that means I get to be super comfy and still rock a pair of killer heels is defiantly a winner for me. I haven’t been this excited since last year when it was acceptable to wear silky PJ’s on a night out, so for me this trend is a huge YAY.

But for those of you who still may not be sold here are a few tips to break you into the trend so you to can sip cocktails and feel like you are lounging on the sofa.



  • Swap the joggers for combats with an elasticated ankle, more structure to the pants but still casual and super cool. Not to mention practical, what girl doesn’t need extra pockets!


  • Leather joggers give the evening feel to an outfit but still have the comfort factor.


Check out some of my fav celebs & fashion brands showing us how it’s done!



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