Autumn Winter Trends 2019

Autumn Winter Trends 2019

Autumn Winter Trends 2019


It’s finally here, hoody season! As far as fashion and the seasons go autumn and winter has to be hands down my favourite.

Yes, it’s cold and miserable here in the UK but when we can have fun with layering, and this seasons new trends it makes it all so much more bearable. So, what are the biggest trends for A/W 19 for keeping us looking cool but not feeling it.


Even though the warm weather has gone our first trend has a spring summer feel to it, loud florals! The perfect way to give the illusion we are still enjoying the sunshine and a great way to add a bit of colour and fun to a winter wardrobe, these florals can be found everywhere from shirts to wide leg trousers. To add to the winter feel, expect to see plenty of velvet, corduroy, satin and pleating to add some much-needed texture.

Not a trend for the faint-hearted fashion lover, this trend has jumped right off the runway so look out for the over the top flamboyant garments that are sure to turn heads.



What would Christmas be without a lot of sparkle!! This season expect to see it everywhere and I mean everywhere. From headbands and oversized earrings, the usual dresses and glitzy co-ords, right down to sparkling stockings and embellished boots. Its going to be huge!

If you don’t sparkle as you shimmy on the dance floor are you even in the festive sprit. This trend promises to have something for everyone no matter your style or age go grab some glam and add some winter jazzle into your wardrobe. 



This one is trying to temp all the fun-loving faux fur lovers out there and I think it stands a good chance. Yes, you got it feathers!

They are back and here to stay, honestly is make me laugh that they re appear on the fashion scene every few years for autumn winter. Is it something to do with the tradition of plucking the Christmas turkey?

Who knows, am not a huge fan of feathers if am honest they always seem to get in the way when situated around a neckline or sleeve, but as a hem trim on a skirt or dress I could be down for that. Looking for a subtle way of introducing feather? Try accessories, as with any bold trend it’s the perfect way to start off and give it ago.



Now for the not so over the top trends, we have head to toe beige. Does this sound more like you? Ok so let’s not just stick to beige lets add a bit of spice to this trend and mix up the shades.

Keep the pallet neutral but add some caramel and browner tones. Play around with textures so grab some soft and chunky knits, even a little dog tooth would help to stop you looking like a bland walking colour block.

This doesn’t have to be just a trend for smart clothes, team your joggers and puffer jacket with your favourite bodysuit for a laid-back style.




Suits! This season to be worn everywhere apart form the office. Without wanting to sound like Mulder but they are out there!!

In every shape, colour, pattern and material. This trend couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is pop down the high street or jump online and find the perfect trouser and jacket combo to suit your style.

This trend is a great one to invest in, sure to stay around into spring summer and you can always wear them as separates it’s a win win must have for this season and the next.



Here is some inspo straight from the runway, remember all trend are wearable just find a piece that suits your style and have fun wearing it.




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